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21-Apr-2019 07:22

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Even mental adultery, or impure sexual thoughts, are forbidden (Matthew -28).

Adultery is the only grounds for divorce (Matthew ), and marriage is otherwise to bind the two partners until death.

Too often, a couple "falls in love" too quickly and emotionally.

The circumstances can be deceptive, although they seem perfect.

Sexual problems can plague relationships both before and after marriage.

In a society that puts so much emphasis on outward sexual expression, it's no wonder that sex is a major contributor to relationships gone bad.

True love, as it is described in Philippians 1:9-12, is enduring, kind, faithful, and hopeful.

It is never jealous, conceited, unmannerly, irritable, self-seeking, demanding its rights, it never takes pleasure in injustice, and it never fades. Perhaps one of the major causes of failed relationship is the speed and extent of involvement before love has time to gel.

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It takes more than just common interests to insure a good marriage relationship.When we're dating, marriage should indeed be at the forefront of our minds.We should approach the process of dating with the same careful judgment that we use in finding a marriage partner, using our mind, will, and emotions.From this we can conclude that marriage is a control placed upon the use of sex.

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Adultery and fornication are acts of illicit sex among partners who are not married to each other, and these acts are strictly forbidden in the Bible (Exodus , 1 Thessalonians 4:3).Finally, they are to love each other physically, or sexually. However, marriage partners must be much more than friends, and they must do more than just "fall in love." We have all had friends from whom we have been separated.

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